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We are a family oriented riding group, that ride for the pure pleasure of riding and meeting people.  We welcome all riders and all makes and types of motorcycles,  So if you enjoy Riding a Motorcycle in a group, then you may be interested in the fact that our rules are very simple:

  • No Yearly Dues
  • You  DO NOT have to show up at all club meetings, but should attend at least once every year, in order to remain an active  member.
  • No Major tasks for you to perform.
  • Due to the fact that the club BELONGS to us, each and every one of us should have SOME COMMITMENT to the club.

However, we do ask a few things from our members:

  • Always ride safe
  • Don't Give The Club A Bad Name


In the riding season we meet Thursday nights and Sunday mornings in the McDonald's parking lot.

Thursday nights we meet @ 6:30pm, then head out for a few hours of riding.  Sundays we meet @ 9:00am for our scheduled ride.

Even thou the riding season ends our group still gets together on Sundays (9:30am McDonald's).

You will feel welcome in our group.



We look forward to having you with us as a member in one of the finest motorcycle riding clubs in the World


To Join: Go to SCRC National Sign Up Page  (Choose Chapter Ontario Norfolk 399)